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BI-xenon: Morimoto Mini D2S 4.0 Bi-xenon: Morimoto FX-R 3.0 Advanced Install HID Projectors Bi-xenon: Morimoto Mini H1 7.0 Easy Install HID Projectors
Probably our most anticipated product launch in a long time, the new 3.0
gives a whole new meaning to the Mini D2S. Retrofitters can relax and
rejoice as Morimoto's Mini D2S Three point O has finally arrived! All
new from the solenoid up, the reinvented Morimoto Mini D2S 3.0 will make
every retrofitter re-think their next choice in projectors.
By far our most popular full size bi-xenon projector ever. The 3.0 is a
retrofitters delight with its high precision castings, advanced optics,
and available 2.5 and 3" clear lens. It all adds up to put our FX-R near
the top of the lighting totem poll.
Always one step ahead of the game! TRS sets the stage with the the
Six.0's overhauled optics. With an all-new wider and multifaceted
reflector bowl pumping out the light, the ultra popular Morimoto Mini H1
projector is better than ever.